Raw organic cocoa butter soap
Find Your Balance - Find Your Bliss


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     "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."     Emily Dickinson

Ananda is the Sanksrit word for cocoa butter from which the chemical name of cocoa butter, anandamide, comes from. Ananda means Bliss which is exactly how you’ll feel when you smell the sweet natural aroma of chocolate. This soap is perfect for sensitive skin as it contains no essential oils. Abundant creamy cocoa butter and a chocolate swirl made with Rhassoul clay make this naturally scented soap a decadent treat. Get ready to get “blissed out”!

Balances Vata and Pitta Dosha

Ingredients include saponified oils of coconut, olive*, unrefined shea butter*, cocoa butter*, castor*, avocado*, & safflower, rhassoul clay, and rosemary extract*.


Bar size: Approx 4.5 ounces/128 grams

Each soap is individually handmade, packaged and designed. Please keep in mind that due to handcrafting, the size, color and shape may vary. 

Store soap in a cool dry place. Handmade soap will last a long time if kept dry between uses. Use a soap dish that allows the soap to drain and dry out prior to next use.

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