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Thai Yoga Massage

Benefits: Can relieve Chronic Neck/Shoulder/Lower Back/Hip Pain, Flexibility, Increase Range of Motion while still comfortably dressed.

Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred healing form of Eastern bodywork that integrates Yoga and Ayurveda. A powerfully rejuvenating, movement-oriented style of massage, rhythmic muscle compression provides deep relaxation, decreased pain and increased energy flow. Passive stretches increase flexibility and range of motion, Twisting releases stored tension. Joints are opened and circled.
Pam studied mostly under the Clinical Thai Bodywork school which teaches Thai Yoga Massage along with more clinical techniques as a means of efficiently treating muscular trigger points and restoring normal range of motion across joints while treating pain patterns, specific conditions and physical dysfunction. This modality is perfect for clients who are experiencing chronic pain and/or limited range of motion.  
Thai Yoga Massage is traditionally performed on a comfortable, cushioned mat on the floor with the client fully clothed and no oils or lotion are used; however, this massage can also be performed on a massage table if for some reason the client cannot lay on the floor. You do not need to know yoga or be super flexible to receive this work! 
Thai Yoga Massage is a deep, full-body treatment, starting with the feet the progressing up to the head and includes working with the client in supine, prone, side-lying, and seated - a truly 3-D bodywork treatment! 

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Therapeutic Massage

Benefits: Deep tissue, Eases Sore and Tight Muscles, Relaxation

A profoundly relaxing and therapeutic table massage individualized to your unique concerns and goals. The foundation is a Swedish massage which fully relaxes and increases healthy circulation to your muscles. Additional techniques that may be integrated into your session are: deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, stretching, heat, or percussion therapy. Please review the next section to determine the appropriate length for your perfect massage!

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Choosing Your Perfect Length of Massage


Use the guidelines below to choose the most appropriate session length based on your individual needs and goals.
    • 60 Minutes: The perfect length of time to focus on stress and relaxation. Can also be used as a focused treatment session on problem areas such as shoulders or hips. (not available for Thai massage styles) $75
    • 75 Minutes: My standard session designed to focus on 1 or 2 areas of treatment work, while still allowing plenty of time for stress reduction/relaxation. $85
    • 90 Minutes: Plenty of time for focused treatment work and stress reduction/relaxation without feeling rushed. $100
    • 120 Minutes: Complete head to toe massage therapy that allows for unlimited treatment work and relaxation. $130
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What's Included in Your Massage Session?

Regardless of the specific massage modality you receive above, any (or all) of the following may be included at no additional charge:
  • Hot towels
  • Hot stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hypervolt percussion tool
Note: Therapist to determine what is or is not appropriate dependent on client's condition.

Specialty Services

Thai Foot Massage 

Benefits: Improved Circulation, Lymphatic Drainage, and Immune System, Relaxation, Better Sleep

A treat for your feet! Our feet provide the foundation of our anatomy. This foot treatment will show your tootsies some love with deep massage, stretching of lower legs and feet and focused acupressure with a Thai wooden stick on the feet. (Not recommended during pregnancy)

30 Minutes: $45

60 Minutes: $75 (Includes a warm aromatherapy foot soak and scrub to begin your treatment. 

Add on a Thai Foot massage to any 60 minute of longer massage session for an additional $25!

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