About Our Products

Get back to nature when you use our self-care products

Find Your Balance Wellness believes in using only natural plant-based ingredients in our non-toxic, eco-friendly products. We use organic, fair trade plant oils, spices, essential oils & specialty ingredients whenever possible.

We handcraft our soap in small batches using the old-fashioned cold process method. Our vegan soap base recipe is formulated with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, and castor oil. From there, each Ayurvedic-inspired batch is custom-crafted with a unique blend of plant-based oils and butters, such as avocado oil, almond oil, shorea (sal) butter, kokum butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil, and black cumin seed oil.

Then, natural additives such as clays, ground spices and plant materials are carefully selected. Natural exfoliants are often added to provide texture to our soap - poppy seeds, chia seeds, juniper berries & walnut shells are some of our favorite ingredients to help wash away old skin, leaving your face & body feeling brand new. Finally, organic essential oils are used to deliver signature scents that linger well beyond the shower.

Our vegan eco-friendly coconut oil candles are hand poured one at a time and made with a handcrafted mixture of coconut oil and apricot wax. They are scented using only the finest fragrance oils. These fragrance oils are made with essential oils and are free from dyes, phthalates, and chemicals. Our coconut wax blend ensures that the candle will throw off a strong scent whether lit or unlit and burns cleaner than soy wax. 

Our room sprays and reed diffusers are scented with only pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

We don’t put any of the junky stuff in our products - no parabens, additives, preservatives, or harsh chemicals and we never use palm oil. 

Products Inspired by Ayurveda

Created by a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic student, Pam is passionate about helping people make healthy choices in life. Ayurveda means the "Science of Life" and places great emphasis on prevention and maintenance of health through balanced diet and living according to the rhythm of nature. According to Ayurveda, establishing a healthy and consistent routine, or dinacharya, allows the body to be in tune with the cycles of nature, promoting optimal wellness.

Since washing our bodies is major part of our daily routine, soap is one of the most fundamental and important products in our daily lives. Not only is our skin our largest organ, but our skin also absorbs and breathes. That means what we feed our skin is just as important as what we feed our bodies.

Feed your skin and awaken your senses with the best of what nature has to offer.

We care about Mother Earth

We are one of the only soap brands to offer bee-friendly packaging. Our soap belly bands are made from paper that’s infused with wildflower seeds. Just plant, water, and watch beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers spring up! The rest of our soap and candle packaging is made from recyclable and reusable containers.

We are also committed to protecting the earth's forests and oceans which is why we only use sustainable oils that do not contribute to the deforestation of our rainforests - no palm oil here!