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The pitta dosha is made up mostly of the fire element. There is a tiny bit of water in there, but for the most part, pitta is hot, sharp and intense. In the sections below, you’ll find out the characteristics and symptoms that define pitta types. If you find your head nodding in agreement when you read this blog, you’re probably a pitta.


People who are pitta types are usually of medium build with firm musculature…think Crossfitters! Their frame is medium-sized and generally are fair complexioned.

The trademark of most pitta types is their ‘heat’… They sweat profusely when it’s hot and their skin is usually soft and warm. Prone to thinning hair and early greying, pitta men tend to experience balding early on.

They have average-sized eyes and a relatively good amount of strength and stamina. The pitta type is known for its acute and logical mind. They’re usually high achievers and tend to get a lot done.

They like cool surroundings and eating fast causes burning in their body. They sleep for short periods, but often sleep soundly. They have a good memory and precise speech.

Personality wise, pitta people have moods that change slowly. When stressed they can have a quick temper. Men have a resting pulse between 60 and 70, while women have a resting pulse between 70 and 80.

Excess symptoms

When pitta is out of balance, they may experience inflammatory problems and acid indigestion. They are prone to diarrhea and fevers, because of their ‘fiery’ nature.

Eczema, skin rashes and eye problems can also occur when pitta is in excess. Pitta people can be hot tempered and highly judgmental. Their anger, jealousy, fear and envy are exhibited when they’re out of balance.

Pittas can be impatient, but they often have a good sense of humor and can be the life of a party. They love challenges and always rise to the occasion. It would be a good idea for pittas to take some time out to rest and calm down, every now and then


To restore balance in the pitta dosha, the most important thing to do is to stay cool. Pittas should avoid all spicy and hot foods. Fried foods should be avoided too. It would also be a good idea for pittas to eat as little meat as possible.

They should drink lots of cool drinks and stay in cool surroundings. By taking time to rest and recuperate, pittas will calm down and be less stressed.

A pitta diet should have fruit such as apples, grapes, watermelons, pineapples, mangoes, cherries, dates, oranges, and pomegranates. When cooking, it’s best to use sunflower oil or olive oil. Dairy may be consumed, but in moderation.

Herbs and spices such as coriander, cumin, mint leaves and ginger should be a part of the pitta diet.

These are just some of the characteristics and guidelines for the pitta types. If you want to learn more to see what other types of foods are suitable for a pitta, and how one can bring balance to his/her dosha, set up a consultation with me and we’ll dive deeper into your unique constitution and find what lifestyle guidelines best suit your dosha.

Om shanti

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